Fleur from GOA Ventures and Mariana from Cano-ela together in the shared lab

Collaboration Cano-ela and GOA Ventures

As Cano-ela expands its research on applications and optimization of our ingredients, we are happy to announce that we are now collaborating with GOA Ventures. Together, we will share lab facilities, equipment and knowledge as a way to support each other’s growth.

GOA Ventures is working on the bio-refining of freshly harvested seaweed. From that, they are able to create innovative ingredients rich in protein, carbohydrates and minerals. At Cano-ela we use canola seeds and work with mild processing techniques to develop healthy ingredients rich in proteins, fatty acids, and fibre. Both our companies believe that we need more sustainable and healthy ingredients to meet today’s and tomorrow’s challenges. With innovative refinery seaweed, GOA Ventures aims to replace animal-based protein and fossil fuels in one process flow.  Cano-ela also aims to replace animal-based protein and ensure a 0% waste and 100% food stream.

Being together in The World Food Center has enabled us to interact and discover that being in the space of innovative ingredients is the perfect excuse to collaborate. By doing so, we also believe we can join forces in improving the future of alternative proteins and walk together towards a more sustainable future in the food industry!

We are looking forward to opening new doors throughout this collaboration. To know more about GOA Ventures please click here



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