Cano-fiber, an innovative plant-based ingredient made from canola.


Cano-fiber is a product rich in antioxidants, insoluble dietary fiber, and protein.

This natural pre-mix helps food companies to boost the nutritional profile of their products while keeping a clean label

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Possible applications in:
bakery products, gluten-free bread, snacks, cookies, pastries, and energy bars.

For extra removal of refined ingredients or to improve the nutritional profile of your product, ask for other versions with a specific techno- and/or bio-functionality

Cano-fiber, an innovative plant-based ingredient made from canola.

Characteristics Cano-fiber


✓ Chestnut & honey flavor and aroma

✓ Ideal for both sweet and savory recipes

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✓ Mild process that preserves vitamins naturally present in the seed (e.g., vitamin E)

✓ Possible replacement for thickeners and other synthetic ingredients

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✓ Rich in phenolics

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More functionality with less processing

Our technology helps you to create products with a true clean label, without compromising on taste.

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Our canola ingredients are: Cano-cream, Cano-soluble, and Cano-fiber. Less refined and innovative plant-based ingredients. Fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you!

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